Learn to code, create physical computing projects, track your progress and even test your code in real time! pi‑topCODER is used the world over to deliver fun and engaging step by step learning content.

lesson plan library

Cloud-based Lesson Plan Library

Learners can access lesson plans created by you and educators from around the world, created using pi-topCLASSROOM. Lesson plans vary in difficulty, subject, and language, making them suitable for students everywhere. You can use our supplied lesson plans to deliver great learning or craft your own curriculum from our library of lesson plans! Chop, change and add your own content to create the curriculum that just right for you.

proto integration

Inventor Kit Integration

Learners can discover coding through project lead, physical computing lesson plans. Create a circuit with pictures and step by step instructions provided, add code to bring your creation to life. With pi-top learning core Computer Science skills is more fun and engaging than ever!

sonic pi integration

Sonic Pi Integration

pi-topCODER has full Sonic Pi integration. Learn step by step to create music through code! Add pi-topPULSE to include fun light show effects!

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