Explore alien worlds, discover hidden secrets, and advance your knowledge in science and technology in CEEDuniverse!

resource mining

Mining for Resources

You’ll have to mine for resources to progress throughout the game. To make the task less laborious, you can program Mining Machines to automatically mine for you!

logic games

Programming Logic

You’ll need to solve visual programming puzzles to unlock areas of the game. They will teach you all the basic coding concepts. You can even convert your visual program straight to Python code!

crafting system

Crafting System

The world has been habited by an ancient civilisation! You’ll discover and learn from the secret technologies they’ve left behind and craft various items to advance in the game.

universe coder integration

pi-topCODER Integration

CEEDuniverse is seamlessly integrated into pi‑topCODER. You’ll be able to jump between worksheets and CEEDuniverse to enhance your learning experience.

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